Kensington Prep School Historical Archive

Welcome to Kensington Prep School’s historical archive. The archive is simple to browse through and there is a clever search function to track down special items, photos or pupil names.

The school has a proud history and has been in Fulham since 1997. It was the first school to be established by the Girls’ Day School Trust and opened in 1873 (known then as Kensington High School). It has been pioneer in girls education ever since.

This archive is the beginning of digitising our collection and just the start of cataloguing and making material available online. We hope you will enjoy browsing this rich and fascinating resource and will find what you are looking for.

Access to the Archive

The archive is open to all former staff, pupils and those with an interest in the school. To receive log-in details to access all the archive click here.

Can you help?

We are very keen to receive material to make our archive as comprehensive as possible. Please email: if you have any further photos, documents, correspondence or articles which could be included. We would be delighted to hear from you. Originals can always be returned after they have been scanned and uploaded.

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